Loveland Students Earn Coveted Spots in OMEA Honor Band

by Madonna

Loveland, Ohio – Exceptional musical talents from Loveland High School and Middle School have secured coveted positions in the 2024 Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) District 14 Honor Band. The selected students, representing a cross-section of wind and percussion excellence from Hamilton and Clermont Counties, will showcase their skills in a concert scheduled for January at West Clermont High School.

Among the accomplished musicians chosen are:


High School Symphonic Band:

1. Senior Jonathan Kaseff – 1st Chair Percussion


2. Senior Amelia Macura – 3rd Chair French Horn


3. Senior Jaiden McKinney – 7th Chair Trumpet

4. Junior Erin O’Neil – 2nd Chair Trombone

5. Senior Jake Simon – 3rd Chair Tuba

High School Concert Band:

1. Freshman Nora Dennedy – 1st Chair Bass Clarinet

2. Junior Luka Docter – 5th Chair Trumpet

3. Senior Brody Gehring – 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet

4. Freshman Grant Macura – 3rd Chair Baritone

5. Sophomore Lily Spata – 4th Chair Bassoon

6. Senior Aaron Spjut – 1st Chair Trumpet

8th Grade:

1. Ava Ahrens – 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone

2. Sean Clark – 2nd Chair Bassoon

3. Chase Pottebaum – 3rd Chair Tuba

4. EV Spata – 3rd Chair Percussion

5. Ben Spjut – 2nd Chair Trumpet

7th Grade:

1. Gwyneth Bell – 6th Chair Percussion

2. Lucie Fancher – 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

3. Pete Fondacaro – 4th Chair Trumpet

4. Yantra Hawk – 7th Chair Trombone

5. Grant Holbrook – 5th Chair Percussion

6. Abby Kaszyca – 6th Chair Trumpet

7. Nick Larsen – 4th Chair Trombone

8. Max Trombley – 6th Chair Trombone

9. Matias Yarto – 3rd Chair Flute

The students earned their spots through a competitive audition process, demonstrating their musical prowess among the best in the region.

About OMEA:

The Ohio Music Education Association is committed to ensuring equal access to high-quality music instruction for all students. Advocating for comprehensive music education programs, OMEA emphasizes state and national music standards, teacher licensure, adequate instructional time, and suitable facilities and materials. The organization actively promotes professional development for music teachers, collaborates with various entities for continuing education, and supports diversity in music education. OMEA further champions best practices, adjudicated events, technology integration, and lifelong participation and learning in music.


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