Harley Benton Expands DIY Guitar Kit Line with Five New Models

by Madonna

Harley Benton, a brand well-known for catering to DIY enthusiasts, has announced the addition of five new models to its popular line of DIY guitar kits. Notably, this expansion includes the introduction of kits specifically designed for left-handed guitarists, marking a significant step towards inclusivity in the DIY guitar-building community.

The DIY kits are tailored for musicians who harbor the dream of crafting their own instruments but may feel daunted by the challenge. These kits provide a comprehensive package containing all the necessary materials for constructing a fully functional guitar, including pre-cut wooden parts, mechanics, electronics, pickups, and strings.


The appeal of Harley Benton’s DIY kits lies in their simplicity and the enjoyment they bring to the building process. A testament to their success is a user who has previously built T-style kits with friends and attests to the surprising quality and functionality of the guitars. One of these guitars is still in regular use during live performances.


The new models include opportunities to build an MB-style bass or a Thinline T-style guitar. Additionally, DIY kit classics such as the ST and TE are now available for left-handed builders. The wood in these kits has been pre-treated, allowing builders to paint or decorate their guitars, providing a unique personal touch without the need for time-consuming pore-filling processes.


For those seeking a particularly creative outlet, the new Electric Guitar Kit Square stands out, offering nearly limitless possibilities for designing and carving a personalized guitar shape.

Affordability is a key feature of these DIY guitar kits, making them an ideal Christmas present for guitarists or bassists. Ready for assembly, these kits provide the added advantage of being easily upgradable or modifiable according to individual preferences.

The new DIY guitar kit offerings include:

1. Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit TL T-Style, available for €105.00

2. Harley Benton ST-LH DIY-KIT, available for €89.00

3. Harley Benton TE-LH KIT, available for €89.00

4. Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit Square, available for €115.00

5. Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit MB-Style, available for €149.00


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