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Gibson Custom Shop Unveils Murphy Lab Acoustic Guitars: A Tribute to Vintage Excellence

by Madonna

Master Artisan Tom Murphy’s discerning eye oversees the creation of a new era in acoustic guitars as the Gibson Custom Shop introduces the Murphy Lab Acoustic line. This collection, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, incorporates specialized tools and technology to meticulously age guitars, providing players with the unique opportunity to experience the essence of musical history.

Under the skilled hands of luthiers at the Gibson Acoustic craftory in Bozeman, Montana, the Murphy Lab Acoustic guitars undergo the transformative touch of Murphy Lab Light Aging. This technique, perfected on five Custom Shop models, pays homage to the ‘greatest hits’ of popular music history.

The lineup encompasses iconic instruments that have shaped musical landscapes over the years. From the haunting tones of the 1933 L-00, reminiscent of the Dust Bowl era, to the midrange punch of the 1942 Banner J-45 and Southern Jumbo, and the famed projection of the 1957 SJ-200, to the rock ‘n’ roll swagger of the 1960 Hummingbird — each Murphy Lab Acoustic guitar embodies the character, vibe, and feel of an original, vintage instrument.

For those familiar with the transformative impact of Gibson Custom’s Murphy Lab lacquer on electric guitars, the introduction of this innovation to the acoustic realm promises an unparalleled experience. The guitars, featuring thermally aged tops and lightly aged hardware, expertly simulate decades of light playwear. This kickstarts the aging process, ensuring that players enjoy the comfortable feel of a seasoned instrument right out of the box — well-worn favorites, meticulously crafted anew.

The Murphy Lab Acoustic guitars stand as a testament to Gibson’s commitment to excellence and innovation, inviting players to connect with the rich heritage of acoustic music while experiencing the comfort and playability of instruments that have stood the test of time.

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