Drum Corps Community Unites in Benefit Concert to Honor Renowned Drummer

by Madonna

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — On Stutson Street this Sunday, members of the Drum Corps community joined forces to pay tribute to one of their own in a heartwarming benefit concert.

Following the culmination of the Drum Corps Associates World Championships over the Labor Day weekend, participants reconvened to celebrate William A. McGrath, a distinguished figure acknowledged as one of the premier drummers of his era.


The event featured stellar performances from esteemed groups such as the Mighty St. Joes Alumni, The All In Brass Band, The Rochester Drum Machine, and the captivating “Prime Time Bass.” All funds generated from the concert were dedicated to supporting the McGrath family.


Bob Scott, the host of the Drum and Bugle Corps Benefit Concert, expressed his admiration for the collective effort, stating, “All of these people came together. The turnout, I think, has been amazing. It shows what drum corps in Roc is all about. It is a huge community and incredible community. We may have competed against each other. But yet they may be competitors, or they may be in the same corps, but when they come together, as you can see by the crowd out here in the auditorium watching the performances, it’s truly an amazing gathering.”


The unity displayed in the midst of musical prowess reflects the spirit of camaraderie within the Drum Corps community, transcending competitive boundaries to celebrate a shared passion and to support one of their esteemed members.


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