UAF Flute Ensemble to Enchant Audience at Music & More Event

by Madonna

Fairbanks, AK — The enchanting melodies of the UAF Flute Ensemble will grace the community this Sunday at 2 p.m. as part of the Music & More program. Hosted at the First United Methodist Church, this musical event promises an afternoon of exquisite performances by a group of exceptionally talented flutists.

The Fairbanks Flutists Sextet, comprising four members from the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra—Bobbi Janiro, Kurt Hunter, Theresa Schneider, and Dorli McWayne—will showcase their musical prowess. Joining them are Anne Weaver, a graduate student, and Sandy Clark, a retired music teacher and former symphony flutist. Together, this ensemble is set to captivate the audience with a diverse repertoire and virtuoso performances.


The UAF Flute Ensemble’s participation in the Music & More program adds a cultural touch to the community’s weekend activities. Attendees can expect a delightful musical experience featuring a range of compositions that highlight the versatility and beauty of the flute.


The event, hosted by Music & More, promises to be a celebration of local talent and a moment for the community to come together in appreciation of the arts. The First United Methodist Church provides an intimate setting for the performance, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the enchanting sounds of the flute ensemble.


Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the harmonious blend of talent and passion as the UAF Flute Ensemble takes the stage this Sunday at 2 p.m. It’s an afternoon filled with musical enchantment, brought to you by Music & More and the talented flutists of Fairbanks.


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