Roseville’s The Strum Shop Faces Challenges Amidst Owner’s Determined Efforts

by Madonna

In the face of mounting challenges, Dan Elliot, the owner of Roseville’s cherished musical haven, The Strum Shop, is tirelessly working to keep the establishment’s doors open.

For Elliot, the store is a realization of a lifelong dream rooted in his passion for music. However, the confluence of the ongoing pandemic and a family emergency has created a financial storm that threatens the store’s viability.


“The debt has become overwhelming,” Elliot admitted. “We could have managed that just fine if it was just the financial strain, but my wife has been diagnosed with cancer, and we’ve been undergoing chemo treatments regularly, which adds a significant financial burden.”


Complicating matters, Elliot’s wife plays a crucial role in the business, crafting Sherrin’s Threads guitar and ukulele straps, products prominently featured in The Strum Shop.


In a bid to salvage the local institution, Elliot is actively engaged in various strategies. He emphasizes that The Strum Shop is not merely a retail space but a community center, fostering musical connections through guitar and ukulele sales, lessons, and instrument repairs. Recent months have witnessed a surge in student enrollment for music lessons, underscoring the shop’s integral role within the community.

Expressing gratitude towards loyal customers, Elliot acknowledged their unwavering support. He appealed to those willing to assist, urging them to consider purchasing musical products locally and attending concerts hosted by the store. Elliot regards his customers as an extended family, and he remains hopeful that The Strum Shop can persevere as a community hub for years to come.

“We’re genuinely grateful for their support throughout the years,” Elliot expressed. “We sincerely hope to continue being a community center for them in the years that lie ahead.”


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