Harmonious Resurgence: Parkbench Ukulele Players Find a New Melodic Abode

by Madonna

In a heartening turn of events, the Parkbench Ukulele Players, a beloved ukulele group in Noosa, Queensland, has discovered a new home after an unexpected eviction from their previous location of six years. The community rallied behind the group after an October call-out, and now, thanks to widespread support and suggestions, they have found solace at the Royal Mail Hotel in Tewantin.

Previously gathering on Monday mornings at the Noosa Marina, the group faced an abrupt cease in operations when approached by management. The news resonated deeply within the Noosa community, prompting an outpouring of assistance and alternative location suggestions. Their new home at the Royal Mail Hotel is a testament to the tight-knit bond formed through a shared love of music.

The Parkbench Ukulele Players, founded by Terry Nolan, originally began in the Tewantin RSL park and has since flourished to include over 400 members. Despite its growth, the group maintains its focus on fostering fun, friendship, and the joy of music. The weekly singalong and strum sessions have become a staple for both participants and those enjoying a morning coffee.

The unexpected eviction from the Noosa Marina prompted the group to search for a new location, leading to an overwhelming response from the community. Terry Nolan expressed his shock at the sudden decision, stating that the eviction was attributed to a commercial decision rather than noise concerns or council involvement.

The Royal Mail Hotel in Tewantin stepped in as a lifeline, extending a warm welcome to the ukulele enthusiasts. The group now convenes every Wednesday from 9.45 am to 11.15 am in the bistro area, creating a space for all age groups and skill levels. Beginners are encouraged, and the inclusive atmosphere welcomes both local residents and visiting tourists.

The heartening support from the community, coupled with the resilience of the Parkbench Ukulele Players, exemplifies the power of shared musical passion in overcoming unexpected challenges. The Royal Mail Hotel’s gesture stands as a testament to the uplifting spirit of collaboration within the Noosa community.

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