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A Night of Musical Mastery: Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soloists Showcases Diverse Repertoire

by Madonna

Musselburgh, [Nov 15 at 7:30PM – 8:45PM] – The Brunton is set to host an extraordinary series of recitals featuring the renowned soloists of the esteemed Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO). This event, a highlight in The Brunton’s music programme, promises an unforgettable evening of virtuoso performances by SCO Principal Double Bassist Nikita Naumov and the brilliant Principal Clarinet Maximiliano Martín.

The repertoire for the evening spans a wide range of musical styles, showcasing the versatility of these exceptional musicians. Nikita Naumov, celebrated for his charisma and musical prowess, presents a program that includes Bach’s Sonata No. 2 for Viola da Gamba, Glière’s Four Pieces, Teppo Hauto-Aho’s Cadenza for Bass Solo, Bottesini’s Concerto “Allá Mendelssohn,” Tabakov’s Motives, and Bottesini’s Duo for Clarinet and Double Bass.

Naumov’s virtuoso showcase begins with a transcription of one of Bach’s masterful viola da gamba sonatas, leading the audience through a musical journey that culminates in two works by Bottesini. Often referred to as ‘The Paganini’ of the double bass, Bottesini’s roots as a clarinetist add a fitting touch to the concert’s conclusion—an enthralling performance of his Duo for Clarinet and Double Bass by Naumov and SCO’s outstanding principal clarinetist, Maximiliano Martín.

This collaborative effort between Naumov and Martín promises a truly fantastic evening of musical excellence, offering the audience a rare opportunity to witness the skill and artistry of these world-class musicians. The Brunton invites music enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to experience the magic of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s soloists in this one-of-a-kind recital series.

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