Classical Gems Unveiled in “For the Record,” Op. 261: Anne Sophie Mutter, Nemanja Radulovic, Sacconi Quartet

by Madonna

Anne-Sophie Mutter & Mutter’s Virtuosi: Celebrating Musical Stories

Recorded at Vienna’s prestigious Musikverein during the summer of 2023 to commemorate Anne-Sophie Mutter’s 60th birthday, this album unveils a captivating musical narrative. Mutter, accompanied by her ensemble of hand-picked musicians known as Mutter’s Virtuosi, presents a rich repertoire spanning from Vivaldi and Bach to contemporary composers like Previn and John Williams, and featuring the works of Joseph Bologne. Mutter expressed, “Music moves us only when it tells a story,” showcasing her commitment to nurturing the next generation of musical storytellers. Below, immerse yourself in the emotive performance of John Williams’ “Theme from ‘Schindler’s List.'”

Nemanja Radulovic: A Stirring Journey Through Beethoven

Violinist Nemanja Radulovic takes center stage in this album, presenting the essence of the violin repertoire through Beethoven’s Violin Concerto and Kreutzer Sonata. Radulovic, founder of the chamber ensemble Double Sens, expands its scope for the concerto, aiming to convey a spectrum of emotions. The grand Kreutzer Sonata takes on a unique form as Radulovic performs his own arrangement for solo violin and a five-part string ensemble, offering a fresh perspective while remaining true to Beethoven’s spirit. Dive into the evocative third movement of Sonata No. 9 in A Major, Op. 47 “Kreutzer,” transformed by Radulovic’s imagination.


Sacconi Quartet: Two Decades of Musical Mastery

Marking their 21st anniversary, the Sacconi Quartet unveils a powerful recording featuring Schubert’s poignant “Death and the Maiden” Quartet and Beethoven’s sublime String Quartet No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 131. Schubert’s exploration of mortality weaves hauntingly beautiful melodies, while Beethoven’s Op. 131, considered his magnum opus, is a testament to the quartet’s commitment to bringing these masterpieces to life. The quartet shares its enduring connection with this music, expressing a dedication to continuous learning, exploration, and discovery. Immerse yourself in the vivacious second movement of Beethoven’s Op. 131.


Embark on a musical journey where every note tells a unique story and every performance is a testament to the enduring legacy of classical music.


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