Ponca City Students Shine at Red Carpet Honor Band Auditions

by Madonna

PONCA CITY, OK – The musical talents of Ponca City’s 7-12 grade band students were on full display as they participated in the highly competitive Red Carpet Honor Band auditions in Enid on Saturday, November 4. These young musicians showcased their skills and passion, vying for coveted spots in the prestigious Red Carpet Honor Band.

Competing against fellow band students from the surrounding region of Oklahoma, the Ponca City contingent demonstrated exceptional musical proficiency. Their dedication and hard work paid off, as they successfully earned their places in the Red Carpet Honor Band.


These outstanding students will have the honor of representing Ponca City Public Schools as they take the stage for the Red Carpet Honor Band concert, scheduled to be held at NWOSU in Alva on Saturday, January 13, 2024.


Ponca City Public Schools would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to these talented young musicians for their remarkable achievements.


The results of the auditions are as follows:

1. Middle School Band (7th Grade):

Maxwell Sinton, Flute – 10th chair

Samantha Biery, Oboe – 1st chair

Milton Lozano, Clarinet – 2nd chair

Anslee Neale, Clarinet – 9th chair

Rayna Dent, Bass Clarinet – 3rd chair

Dakota Youker, Alto Saxophone – 1st chair

Brekkon Lefthand-Hutson, Alto Saxophone – 6th chair

Porter Scantlin, Trumpet – 3rd chair

Timothy Hampl, Trumpet – 5th chair

Alexander Biery, French Horn – 1st chair

Aizen Burns, French Horn – 4th chair

2. Junior High Band (8th-9th Grade):

Jhansi Rapeti, Flute – 1st chair

Brendalinn Gale, Flute – 5th chair

Sophia Howard, Flute – 9th chair

Ahren Sweezy, Bassoon – 1st chair

Elizabeth Napier, Clarinet – 7th chair

Lila Moore, Clarinet – 2nd alternate

Henry O’Neill, Alto Saxophone – 1st chair

William Adams, Alto Saxophone – 1st alternate

Lucas Pena, French Horn – 2nd chair

Caitlin Cannon, Trombone – 5th chair

Sophia Vaden, Percussion (mallets) – 1st alternate

3. High School Band (10th-12th Grade):

Jordan De Leon, Flute – 1st alternate

Ethan Garcia, Bassoon – 1st chair

Rachel Lawson, Clarinet – 14th chair

Kaitlyn Scanlon, Clarinet – 1st alternate

Viktoriya Maier, Bass Clarinet – 2nd chair

Conner Burgess, Alto Saxophone – 4th chair

Julian Estrada, Baritone Saxophone – 1st chair

Abbigail Lawson, French Horn – 4th chair

Kaleb Estrada, Percussion (mallets) – 2nd chair

Raktim Adhikary, Percussion (snare drum) – 3rd chair

Christian Fezer, Percussion (mallets) – 2nd alternate

These impressive results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Ponca City band students and their commitment to musical excellence. Their participation in the Red Carpet Honor Band is a source of pride for the entire community.


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