Midland Saxophone Quartet to Perform at Creative 360 on November 8

by Madonna

The Midland Saxophone Quartet, following their recent performance at a Saginaw Spirit game, is set to take the stage at Creative 360 on Wednesday, November 8. This performance is part of the monthly Sound Community Series organized by Dr. Colin Wood, a professor of Jazz Studies at SVSU. Dr. Wood will join the quartet in their performance and present his composition “Suite of Twelve,” specifically written for saxophone quartet.

The quartet expressed their excitement at the opportunity to perform a custom-written piece with the composer himself, considering it an honor.

In addition to their collaboration with Dr. Wood, the quartet will present a selection of their signature jazz pieces, including “Spain,” “Four Brothers,” “Take the A Train,” “I Got Rhythm,” and more.

The event promises to be a celebration of musical creativity and collaboration, featuring both established works and new compositions.

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