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Joe Bonamassa Praises Jeff Beck as the “Greatest Rock Guitar Player of All Time”

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In a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, renowned blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa shared his admiration for the legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, considering him to be the greatest rock guitar player in history. Bonamassa expressed his profound respect for Beck’s musical legacy and the influence he had on the world of guitar playing.

“I’ve done a bunch of shows with him in Europe, festivals we did, these bills with him. And his show was always amazing. To me, he was the greatest rock guitar player of all time because for six decades, he would reinvent himself every decade and come up with something that I’d go, ‘Oh, man. I wish I thought of that.’ He was just so creative and so influential. I mean, when [David] Gilmour says Beck is his favorite… Beck’s at the top of everybody’s lists — it’s either Eddie [Van Halen] or Jeff, and sadly, they’re both gone. I mean, it’s crazy, this world now.”

Bonamassa further shared a personal anecdote about witnessing Beck’s extraordinary guitar skills. He recalled the moments when Beck would casually sit in his dressing room, playing his guitar and creating improvised melodies that left a profound impact. “And it would just be improv. And he would call me in every once in a while and be, like, ‘Hey, check this thing out.’ And he’d hand me his guitar. And it played high action and it was set up for him. And you’d just go, this guy, he lives in rarefied air, talent-wise, that not a lot of people will experience in their life.”

Jeff Beck, celebrated for his remarkable career that spanned over five decades, passed away on January 10, 2023, due to bacterial meningitis. He was highly regarded as one of the most talented and influential guitarists in the world of rock, blues, and jazz. Beck had received eight Grammy Awards, earned a spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time,” and was twice inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, first as a member of THE YARDBIRDS and later as a solo artist. His remarkable legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans alike.

In commemoration of his illustrious career, Jeff Beck celebrated five decades of music with an extraordinary concert at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer of 2016, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.

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