Corey Taylor on Stone Sour: A Personal Journey from Homelessness to Guitar Mastery

by Madonna

Corey Taylor, renowned for his roles as the frontman of Slipknot and his solo career, shared a captivating story of his early days with the band Stone Sour. In a recent interview with Feedback Def, Taylor delved into the genesis of Stone Sour, which he founded in 1992 while he was homeless. The band became a vital turning point in his life, offering a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and the opportunity to showcase his guitar skills.

At the band’s inception, Taylor’s bandmates even chipped in to provide him with a hotel stay to foster their creative collaboration and dedication to music.


Taylor expressed how Stone Sour became a pivotal brotherhood experience, marking his first true sense of community. He saw it as a chance to bring his unique musical voice and clarity to the group, propelling their journey beyond their wildest ambitions.


The pivotal moment arrived when Stone Sour began, and Taylor took on the dual role of lead vocalist and lead guitarist. He shared, “That was the first year where I really felt confidence in my skills as a guitar player. When Stone Sour first started, not only was I playing guitar constantly, but I was also the lead guitarist.” This dual role as the primary songwriter and lead guitarist was a recurring theme throughout his career.


Taylor revealed his unwavering dedication to the band and the desire to fill in the gaps. He noted that in the band’s early days, he often felt he was a stronger player than the drummer and would even play the drums himself for demos. However, as his career evolved, he faced a crucial decision. “I wanted to sing, I don’t want to do both. I don’t want to be Phil Collins, I want to just sing,” he emphasized.

In the case of Stone Sour, Taylor took on both lead guitar and vocal duties because he believed he was the best fit for the lead role due to his exceptional playing skills and his role as the band’s primary songwriter. He remarked, “With Sour, I was, nine times out of ten, always better than the guitar player we had in the band, as a lead player. So I said, ‘Fuck it, I’ll just handle it. I’m writing all the music anyway, I might as well be the guy who’s leading the charge.'”

Corey Taylor’s journey with Stone Sour and his commitment to music led him to take on these roles, furthering his mastery of the guitar and cementing his status as a pivotal figure in the world of rock and metal.


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