Salisbury Guildhall to Host Inaugural Drum and Bass Night – “Out in the Streets”

by Madonna

Salisbury, UK – Workmates from Sips bar are gearing up to present a groundbreaking musical extravaganza as they introduce the first-ever “Out in the Streets” event at Salisbury Guildhall. Commencing at 7:00 PM, this event is set to electrify the city with pulsating beats and vibrant rhythms.

The brainchild of Bevan Ward and Charlie Gales, colleagues at Sips bar, “Out in the Streets” was conceived from their shared passion for the drum and bass genre. Their vision is to bring a diverse tapestry of culture inherent to the drum and bass scene to Salisbury, enriching the local music scene.


Building on their passion and initiative, Bevan and Charlie initiated the “Salisbury Junglists/DnB Lovers” group on Facebook, marking the beginning of their journey into event organization.


The inaugural “Out in the Streets Launch Party” is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, and will be hosted at The Guildhall, an iconic venue that forms the heart of Salisbury. The event lineup features Bevan himself, performing under the pseudonym “Bevwaan,” alongside DJs hailing from the vibrant Bristol drum and bass scene.


Expressing their excitement, Bevan and Charlie shared, “We were contacted by the Guildhall with an offer to host it there – and decided it would be brilliant to put on a rave in the centre of town, in one of the most iconic buildings. It’s going to be a mad juxtaposition of history and dance culture, and we have been told we might be a bit nuts to try this, but we’re running with it. We can’t wait to deliver this night and give Salisbury what could be the most bonkers night we’ve seen in the city.”

This 18-and-over-only event offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the energy and vibrancy of drum and bass culture. Tickets are available for £15 each and attendees are strongly advised to secure their tickets in advance to ensure entry to this groundbreaking event.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic evening that promises to meld the city’s rich history with the dynamic beats of drum and bass music. “Out in the Streets” is poised to be a night of pure musical madness, marking a new era in Salisbury’s entertainment landscape.


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