Santa Fe College Piano and Vocal Students Present Free Recital on November 7

by Madonna

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Music enthusiasts are in for a treat as students from Santa Fe College (SF) take the stage for a captivating recital on Tuesday, November 7. The performance, featuring talented pianists and vocalists, will commence at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the prestigious Jackson N. Sasser Fine Arts Hall, located at the Northwest Campus, 3000 NW 83rd Street. Notably, there is no need for tickets to attend this engaging musical event.

Under the guidance of SF Associate Professor of Music, Mitch McKay, the pianists and SF Professor of Music, Lynn Sandefur, the singers, will showcase their remarkable talents. McKay and Sandefur will provide musical accompaniment as required, enhancing the overall musical experience.


“This recital promises to be an exquisite blend of what I call ‘jazzical’ music,” shared McKay. “Audiences can expect a fusion of traditional classical pieces and music that draws inspiration from jazz and various other musical styles.”


The piano students will have the privilege of playing the full-size Steinway concert grand piano. McKay stressed the importance of this experience for the students, explaining, “The tone quality produced by a grand piano is markedly different from that of a smaller instrument. The Fine Arts Hall, renowned for its excellent acoustics, provides a unique backdrop for the students, setting it apart from the confines of a practice room or a home setting.”


Dr. Mitch McKay, who holds a master’s degree in music from Arizona State University and a doctorate in piano performance from Michigan State University, brings a wealth of musical experience to the event. He has graced the stage with renowned orchestras and adjudicated numerous piano competitions in the Southeast, with his students earning recognition in prestigious competitions.

Lynn Sandefur, possessing a master of music education degree from the University of Florida, has an impressive career as a choral director, instructor, and coordinator in the Alachua County school system. Her students and choral ensembles have consistently achieved top honors at state and national festivals and competitions. Sandefur’s vocal prowess has also been showcased as a soloist with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. At Santa Fe College, she has led the vocal and choral direction for several acclaimed productions.

This remarkable recital is organized and sponsored by the Fine and Performing Arts and Entertainment Technology Department at Santa Fe College, promising an evening filled with musical brilliance and talent.


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