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Rocksmith+ Expands Horizons with Piano Beta Now Available on PC

by Madonna

The acclaimed music-learning platform, Rocksmith+, is taking its harmonious journey beyond guitars, introducing a new instrument to its repertoire: the piano. Aspiring musicians can now embark on their piano-learning adventure for free by participating in the Rocksmith+ piano beta, exclusively available on PC.

In keeping with Rocksmith+’s established approach to guitar instruction, the piano beta empowers users to master hit songs from renowned artists, offering personalized real-time feedback and an array of practice tools under their complete control. The Rocksmith+ piano beta for PC is currently open for new user sign-ups, with the registration window closing on November 10. The full-fledged piano experience is set to debut this winter.

Rocksmith+ has further enhanced its musical offerings by adding chart-topping songs from the likes of Coldplay, Misfits, Fear Factory, Lily Allen, and more to its ever-growing song library. Ensuring an authentic learning experience, Rocksmith+ exclusively features original songs rather than imitations, guaranteeing that you’re learning and playing the songs you cherish. Guitar enthusiasts can dive into acoustic, electric, or bass guitar learning through Rocksmith+ by downloading the application, available on iOS, Android, or PC.

This expansion into piano instruction represents a significant step for Rocksmith+, enriching its mission to make learning and playing music more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Stay tuned to experience the evolution of Rocksmith+ as it continues to ignite the passion for music in learners, one instrument at a time.

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