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Boone Resident Crafts Mobile Community Piano, Uniting Town Through Music

by Madonna

BOONE, Iowa – The charming town of Boone, Iowa, was graced with a remarkable spectacle and harmonious melodies this past Saturday, courtesy of a dedicated neighbor who has brought a musical dream to life. Chuck Behm, a local resident with a passion for pianos, has transformed a unique idea into reality, creating a mobile community piano that is winning the hearts of the entire community.

While most garages might house cars, Chuck Behm’s garage is a sanctuary of pianos, each with its own story, patiently awaiting repairs and restoration from individuals across the country. Behm, who dedicates half of his week to his piano workshop, has embarked on an enduring project that has been evolving since 2019: the construction of a gift for his community – a community piano.

This ambitious endeavor involved a fair share of scientific experimentation, as Behm sought to determine which materials could withstand Iowa’s ever-changing seasons. For years, he toiled tirelessly, even dedicating around 100 hours to crafting aluminum keys before ultimately arriving at the winning solution: 3D printing. Each key, splashed with vibrant colors, has been meticulously tuned to produce crisp, resonant tones while remaining impervious to the elements.

On a celebratory Saturday, Chuck Behm’s workshop became a hub of excitement, as community members gathered to witness the masterpiece he had brought to life over the years. This labor of love, years in the making, was now ready to serenade not only those within the garage but also those far beyond.

Chuck Behm’s motivation for this project was as heartfelt as it was ingenious – he aimed to offer a way to prevent pianos from being discarded, given that the piano case was sourced from an instrument that was destined for disassembly. By converting what was once considered trash into Boone’s newest treasure, Behm has succeeded in uniting the community in a melodious celebration.

While Chuck has serviced countless pianos since 1972, this creation stands out as a true masterpiece. He envisions bringing this mobile community piano to the streets of Downtown Boone by mid-November, allowing residents and visitors to revel in the magic of music at their leisure.

In the meantime, Behm is also actively collecting donations to fund future repairs and upkeep for the community piano. Donations can be made in the form of checks payable to the “Boone Outdoor Piano Fund” and are gladly accepted at the BMO branch in Boone.

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