Ojai Pops to Resonate with Timeless Soul Classics

by Madonna

The Ojai Pops Orchestra is set to captivate audiences with a soul-stirring performance of timeless soul classics. This musical journey will feature an enchanting oboe concerto performed by the talented Bom An, and the vocal prowess of Miriam Dance, Eliya Frantz, Eva Weiss, and Bella Garcia Holland. Get ready to groove to classics like “At Last,” “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “Think,” “Respect,” “Ain’t No Way,” and “Stars and the Moon.”

Bom An: The Oboe Virtuoso

Bom An, an accomplished freelance oboist and English horn player hailing from Los Angeles, takes center stage in the orchestra’s upcoming concert. With roles as principal oboist in the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Symphonic Winds, Symphony of the Vines, and section oboe player with the San Luis Obispo Symphony, Bom An brings a wealth of experience and talent to the stage. Her mastery of the English horn adds a unique dimension to the performance, enriching the soulful melodies that await the audience.


The Soulful Voices: Miriam Dance, Eliya Frantz, Eva Weiss, and Bella Garcia Holland


Eliya Frantz, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Ventura County, will lend her enchanting voice to the concert. Her recent debut EP, “Nothing Less,” showcases her originality as an artist, with themes of self-love and independence. A recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a degree in vocal performance, Eliya is poised to mesmerize the audience with her soulful interpretations.


Miriam Dance, a dedicated theatre arts educator in Santa Barbara, adds her dynamic voice to the lineup. Her busy schedule includes singing in eight bands in Santa Barbara, highlighting her versatility and passion for music. Miriam has graced the stage with the Ojai Pops Orchestra in the past, and her return promises an unforgettable performance.

Bella Garcia Holland, a Santa Barbara-based singer, brings her musical expertise to the stage. Her educational background in music from UCSB and her role as a music teacher in Santa Barbara underline her commitment to the art of song.

Eva Weiss, a previous collaborator with the Ojai Pops Orchestra, offers her vocal talents to the evening’s soulful celebration. With a lifelong journey in singing, often as a church soloist, Eva’s performance is bound to resonate with the audience.

The Ojai Pops Orchestra promises an evening of soul classics that will reverberate with the timeless power of this musical genre. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Bom An’s oboe concerto and the rich, soulful voices of Miriam Dance, Eliya Frantz, Eva Weiss, and Bella Garcia Holland. It’s a night that will leave your heart and soul singing.


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