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Saxophonist Joshua Redman Explores Musical Landscapes in ‘Where Are We’

by Madonna

Renowned jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman invites listeners on a captivating musical expedition with his latest album, “Where Are We.” In this innovative collection, Redman crafts each composition around a specific geographical location, from the serene landscapes of New England to the soulful rhythms of Alabama, and from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia to the sun-soaked deserts of Phoenix. Through reimagined standards, soul-stirring ballads, and even a Bruce Springsteen rock anthem, Redman skillfully weaves a tapestry of melodies that take his audience on a journey, offering a nuanced exploration of the American experience.

In “Where Are We,” Redman masterfully marries celebration and critique, using his musical prowess to paint vivid soundscapes that mirror the diverse and complex tapestry of the United States. The album showcases his talent for juxtaposing different musical elements, resulting in a rich and dynamic listening experience that promises to resonate with a wide audience.

Here & Now’s Scott Tong engages in a conversation with Joshua Redman, delving into the artist’s creative process, the inspiration behind his latest record, and his personal musical voyage. Redman’s “Where Are We” not only stands as a testament to his artistry but also serves as a captivating reflection of the multifaceted American musical landscape.

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