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Recognizing Outstanding Young Musicians for September

by Madonna

With the school year in full swing, it’s a time when our dedicated band students are hitting their stride and showing their commitment. In the bustling middle school band room, the spotlight shines on fifth and sixth-grade band students who have gone the extra mile, earning well-deserved public recognition. These budding musicians exemplify exceptional rehearsal conduct, responsibility, respect, preparedness for lessons, compassion for their peers, and exhibit strong leadership qualities. Throughout the academic year, the musical faculty, including Mr. Amsberry, Mr. Winkey, Mr. Stover, and Mrs. Bollman, will bestow monthly accolades upon fifth and sixth-grade band students who consistently exhibit these commendable attributes during lessons and rehearsals.

In the month of September, a roster of talented fifth graders garnered the coveted title of “Musician of the Month.” These budding virtuosos are Addison Hinderaker (clarinet), Piper Sorge (flute), Rosalind Yang (trombone), Norah Bruns (flute), Drew Burke (trombone), Robin Westbrock (alto saxophone), and Nolan Welter (trumpet). Their musical achievements are all the more remarkable considering they are still in the early stages of their instrumental journey. Congratulations to these exceptional fifth graders for their outstanding dedication and hard work!

For the sixth graders, the “Musician of the Month” accolades for September were bestowed upon Cole Langner (alto saxophone), Charlotte Gulick (flute), Kinnick Boyer (alto saxophone), Anna Weber (alto saxophone), Joah Anderson (alto saxophone), Mason Myrmo (percussion), and Jantzen Prostine (trombone). These dedicated sixth graders have demonstrated a commendable work ethic, pushing themselves to excel in their musical pursuits. Their commitment is truly commendable, and we applaud their stellar efforts!

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