Lizzo Joins Incubus for a Mesmerizing Performance of “Aqueous Transmission” in Los Angeles

by Madonna

During their recent performance at Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl, Incubus surprised fans by inviting the multitalented Lizzo to join them on stage. Lizzo not only lent her vocal prowess but also showcased her flute-playing skills on the band’s ethereal track, “Aqueous Transmission.” The show served as a celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Incubus’ album “Morning View,” which the band had recently re-recorded and released.

In a fan-captured video of the moment, the audience witnessed the seamless collaboration between Lizzo and Incubus, as they transported the crowd with their rendition of “Aqueous Transmission.”

This isn’t the first instance of Incubus inviting a prominent female musician to share the stage for a rendition of “Aqueous Transmission.” In 2017, Solange joined lead vocalist Brandon Boyd for a duet of the same song during one of the band’s headlining shows in New Orleans, creating a memorable musical fusion.

Lizzo’s appearance at the Hollywood Bowl performance marked one of her few public appearances following legal challenges earlier in the summer. In August, Lizzo faced a lawsuit from three former dancers, alleging sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. In response, the pop star addressed the allegations on social media, describing them as “unbelievable” and “outrageous” and issued a formal denial in court.

More recently, another former employee, who worked in Lizzo’s wardrobe department during her tour, filed a new lawsuit. The employee claimed to have been denied breaks during grueling 20-hour shifts and reported overhearing racist and fatphobic comments from members of the team.

Lizzo’s involvement in the performance with Incubus showcased her unwavering commitment to her artistry, despite the challenges she has faced in recent months, leaving a lasting impression on the audience at the Hollywood Bowl.

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