Musical Notes Amidst the Tulsa State Fair: Pianos Find a Unique Spotlight

by Madonna

TULSA, Okla. — Tom Scott reminisces about his first fair participation back in 1970, and 53 years later, he finds himself amidst the bright lights of the Tulsa State Fair, not with cotton candy or thrilling rides, but with a collection of pianos for sale. From the majestic ferris wheel to the tantalizing aroma of deep-fried treats, Scott has made it his mission to bring the gift of music to families, traversing fairs and conventions across a vast stretch from Canada to Texas and everywhere in between.

“What brings me the greatest joy is knowing that I’m bestowing happiness upon a family or an individual by giving them something truly valuable,” Scott shares with genuine enthusiasm.


Scott’s affinity for music can be traced back to his sister, a trained opera and piano artist. During his formative years, he decided to walk in her musical footsteps and embarked on piano lessons. However, his journey took an unconventional turn.


“After just two weeks, my piano teacher decided not to continue with my lessons because I had a unique ability to listen to music and then reproduce it. So, I’ve been playing by ear ever since,” Scott chuckles.


Around a decade ago, Jason Cochran stumbled upon a piano book and decided to embark on a journey of self-taught piano playing.

Amidst the fanfare of funnel cakes and corn dogs, pianos stand as a unique and harmonious presence.

“I simply adore the sound of pianos. There’s something about them that has the power to transform an entire song,” Cochran reflects with genuine appreciation.

Cochran explored the assortment of pianos at Scott’s exhibit, playing a few notes and engaging in musical conversation with the seasoned piano purveyor.

“More individuals should delve into the world of piano playing,” Scott muses. “We need more musical artists in the world.”

Perhaps, the seeds of inspiration for the next piano virtuoso will be sown when the Tulsa State Fair opens its gates once again next September.


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