Internationally Renowned Violinist Yulia Berinskaya Releases “Johannes Brahms: Complete Violin Sonatas” Album

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Renowned violinist and educator Yulia Berinskaya, whose musical journey began at a young age under the influence of her father, the distinguished 20th-century composer Sergey Berinsky in Moscow, has unveiled her latest musical masterpiece. Her new album, titled “Johannes Brahms: Complete Violin Sonatas,” features all three of Brahms’s sonatas for violin and piano. This extraordinary recording was made in collaboration with pianist Alessandra Ammara, produced by Da Vinci Classics.

To commemorate the release of this exceptional album, the duo recently graced the stage at the 2023 Cremona Mondomusica International Exhibitions, held in Cremona, Italy.


Brahms’s collection of violin sonatas unfolds as follows: The Violin Sonata in G major, Op. 78, composed in 1879, is the opening piece in the trio. Following that is the Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100, crafted in 1886, and lastly, the Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Op. 108, completed in 1888, which stands unique among the three with its four movements, as opposed to the standard three.


Describing the artistic synergy between Berinskaya and Ammara, Da Vinci Classics stated in a press release, “Their collaborative synergy is nothing short of captivating. Berinskaya’s approach to the violin is both delicate and powerful, showcasing a deep understanding of Brahms’ intent. Ammara, with her impeccable piano prowess, complements and elevates the musical narrative, making the intricate dialogues between the instruments seem effortless.”


The statement continues, “Their combined mastery ensures that this recording isn’t just about the notes and melodies; it’s about capturing the essence and emotion behind them. [They offer] a fresh and insightful perspective you’re invited not just to hear but to experience the depths and nuances Brahms embedded in these masterpieces.”

Yulia Berinskaya’s musical journey includes education at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the Hochschule für Musik in Vienna. Throughout her career, she has been mentored by esteemed figures such as Tchugaeva, Tretiakov, Schwarzberg, the Borodin Quartet, and Moskov Trio. Her talents have graced audiences around the globe, both through performances and teaching.

Berinskaya has also collaborated with various orchestras, including the Verdi Orchestra, Milan Conservatory Orchestra, Moskow Amadeus Orchestra, Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Orchestra, and I Musici di Parma ensemble, among others.

Alessandra Ammara, an award-winning pianist, boasts a remarkable career that includes performances with orchestras like the Wiener Symphoniker, Berliner Symphoniker, Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai, Calgary Philharmonic, and collaborations with esteemed conductors such as Fabio Luisi, Georg Pehlivanian, Roberto Minczuk, Bernard Labadie, En Shao, and Lior Shambadal. Ammara’s musical journey involved training at the International Piano Foundation at Lake Como and the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, with mentorship from Maria Tipo, Paul Badura-Skoda, Dmitri Bashkirov, Franco Scala, Boris Petrushansky, Leon Fleischer, William Naboré, and Fou Ts’ong. Presently, she holds the position of a piano professor at Conservatorio “Cherubini” in Florence, where she imparts her knowledge through masterclasses at institutions across the United States and Europe.

Yulia Berinskaya and Alessandra Ammara’s collaborative efforts exemplify the power of artistic synergy, breathing new life into Johannes Brahms’s timeless compositions and offering audiences an enchanting and deeply emotional musical experience.


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