KIAZMA Piano Duo Presents “Night Walk”: A Musical Meditation on Nature and Creativity

by Madonna

Melbourne, Australia – In a captivating addition to the 2023 Vibrating Air series, Monash University Performing Arts Centres proudly hosts the KIAZMA Piano Duo in the David Li Sound Gallery. This marks the fourth concert of the year, where music enthusiasts are in for a treat as the KIAZMA Piano Duo collaborates with talented pianists from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance to present “Night Walk.” This unique musical experience, specially crafted for the David Li Sound Gallery, explores our profound connection with nature, themes of love and loss, the fluidity of ideas, and the power of metaphor and metamorphosis.

Renowned pianists Aura Go and Tomoe Kawabata will weave a tapestry of music for both one and two pianos, drawing inspiration from composers whose creative energies have been profoundly influenced by the natural world. The program will transport audiences into an evocative night, brought to life through the poetic verses of Judith Wright, Walt Whitman, and Amin Malouf. Their verses will serve as a catalyst for musical responses by Ian Munro, Matthew Whittall, and Kaija Saariaho. Notably, Benjamin Britten’s daily “thinking walks” will be showcased as a central element in his compositional process, while Peter Sculthorpe and Akira Nishimura will draw upon Japanese concepts of metamorphosis in their sonic explorations of stillness and space. The evening will culminate in the world premiere performance of “Letter to a Friend for Two Pianos” by Ian Munro.


The KIAZMA Piano Duo, described as ‘masterful,’ ‘positively ecstatic,’ and ‘profoundly moving, subtle and exuberant,’ has firmly established itself as one of Australia’s most dynamic musical ensembles. Their versatility spans across solo, two-piano, and four-hand repertoire, encompassing styles from the baroque era to the contemporary. KIAZMA’s commitment to enriching the existing repertoire is demonstrated through the KIAZMA commissioning project, which aims to advance the art form and create immersive concert experiences that redefine how audiences engage with music.


In addition to their artistic pursuits, KIAZMA has recently introduced the KIAZMA Mentoring Program, offering young pianists invaluable opportunities for professional development. This program provides emerging talents with a chance to engage in side-by-side collaborations, honing their skills in rehearsal, creative development, curation, and performance.


“Night Walk” promises to be an enchanting and thought-provoking evening that transcends the boundaries of traditional music performance. It’s an exploration of the interplay between nature, creativity, and the human spirit, brought to life through the virtuosic talents of the KIAZMA Piano Duo and their esteemed collaborators.

For those eager to experience this musical journey, mark your calendars for this extraordinary event at the David Li Sound Gallery, brought to you by Monash University Performing Arts Centres.


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