Bay High School Trombonist Selected for All-State Band

by Madonna

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Ewan Moss, a talented student-musician at Bay High School, has achieved the prestigious distinction of being named to the All-State Band.

Ewan, a skilled trombonist, is already an integral part of virtually all the music ensembles offered by the Bay Village City School District, including symphonic, jazz, marching, pit orchestra, and chamber orchestra.


This accomplished senior is one of approximately 80 high school musicians selected to perform with the Ohio Music Education Association honors band, an ensemble comprised of top young musicians from across the state. Remarkably, the All-State Band typically includes only eight trombonists.


Mark Awad, band director at Bay Middle School, lauded Ewan’s musical journey, saying, “He plays in the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony, an honors band in the area. Last year, he was also chosen as one of five high school students to perform at the ‘Dazzle Awards.'”


The Dazzle Awards is a prestigious event held at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, celebrating high school theater accomplishments. Ewan’s participation involved playing alongside pit orchestra professionals, attending master classes, sitting in on rehearsals, and performing live.

The All-State Band is a coveted honor, and its members perform annually at a conference for music educators and honors ensembles. The upcoming conference is scheduled for February in Columbus, Ohio, where Ewan will collaborate with fellow students from across the state, showcasing his talents with a wind/percussion band.

Ewan expressed his excitement, stating, “I am extremely excited about being selected for the All-State Band and cannot wait to be able to play at such a high level with so many other terrific players.”

Ewan’s musical journey began in fifth grade when he had the opportunity to perform alongside seventh- and eighth-graders at the Solo and Ensemble Recital. This early exposure to performing and receiving feedback from professionals fueled his dedication to music.

Ewan reflected on this experience, saying, “The attention I received was giving me such an opportunity to push myself and work toward improvement, setting a trend that I was able to follow all throughout my years in Bay Schools.”

Mark Awad, who witnessed Ewan’s commitment and talent from an early age, emphasized the significance of students like Ewan, stating, “It is always nice to have kids willing to work—a combination of talent and work. It is always a good thing and something you appreciate as a teacher.”

Ewan expressed gratitude to his teachers and parents, acknowledging their unwavering support in his musical journey, saying, “I would like to thank the Bay High School faculty for being supportive and helpful in allowing me to practice and improve. Finally, a thank you to my parents for always being able to support my playing through multiple music groups and making sure I have what I need to get better.”

Ewan’s selection to the All-State Band is a remarkable achievement, and the Bay Village community is immensely proud of his dedication and musical excellence. As he represents Bay and Cleveland in February, Ewan’s accomplishment highlights the exceptional talent nurtured in the area.

Mark Awad concluded by recognizing the abundance of talent within the Bay community, saying, “We are lucky to have a lot of talented kids here in Bay. Ewan goes above and beyond.”


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