Arkansas Tech University Faculty Member Dr. Phoebe Robertson Presents Flute Recital

by Madonna

Russellville, Arkansas – Dr. Phoebe Robertson, a esteemed member of the Arkansas Tech University Department of Music faculty, is set to enchant music enthusiasts with her flute recital on Sunday, September 24.

The melodious performance will commence at 5 p.m. and will take place at Witherspoon Auditorium, located at 407 West Q Street on the picturesque ATU campus in Russellville. Admission is graciously extended to the public, with no cost associated with attending this delightful musical event.

Having joined the ATU faculty in 2022 as an assistant professor of music, Dr. Phoebe Robertson brings a wealth of musical expertise to the stage. Her educational background is illustrious, holding a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Ottawa, a Master of Music degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Manhattan School of Music.

The captivating program curated for her recital includes a diverse selection of compositions, offering a rich tapestry of musical experiences. The pieces to be performed include “Alma” by Tania Leon, “East Wind” by Shulamit Ran, “I Will Not Be Sad in This World” by Eve Beglarian, “Fanmi Imèn” by Valerie Coleman, “Phoebé, Op. 30” by Mel Bonis, and “Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 64” by the same composer.

Dr. Timothy Smith, a distinguished ATU professor of music, will accompany Dr. Robertson on the piano. Dr. Smith, who has been a part of the Arkansas Tech community since 1998, boasts an impressive musical background, including a Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College and Master of Music and Doctor of Music degrees from Indiana University.

Furthermore, Dr. Mary J. Trotter, ATU’s assistant professor of music, will serve as the reader for the poem “Human Family” by the celebrated Maya Angelou, adding a touch of literary resonance to this harmonious evening.

Dr. Phoebe Robertson’s flute recital promises to be an enriching and culturally resonant experience, embodying the spirit of artistic excellence and education that Arkansas Tech University consistently champions.

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