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ECU School of Music Presents the 2023 Hispanic Heritage Guitar Series

by Madonna

GREENVILLE, N.C. – As the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month in September, the rhythmic melodies and musical richness of Hispanic culture take center stage. In honor of this cultural celebration, the ECU School of Music is proud to announce the upcoming 2023 Hispanic Heritage Guitar Series.

This captivating series spans three evenings, each showcasing the virtuosity of a distinguished guitarist. The performances promise to be both a musical delight and an exploration of Hispanic musical traditions.

The series commences with Jean Pierre Castillo taking the stage on Thursday, September 21. Following this, Andrea Gonzalez Caballero will grace the audience with her artistry on Tuesday, September 26. The grand finale features Dr. Elliot Frank, performing on Tuesday, October 3.

Music enthusiasts and curious minds alike are invited to immerse themselves in these remarkable performances, which are not only culturally enriching but also free of charge. The concerts will commence at 7:30 p.m. and will be held in the AJ Fletcher Recital Hall at the ECU School of Music.

This series provides an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the depth and diversity of Hispanic musical heritage while enjoying world-class performances by accomplished artists. Join the ECU School of Music in commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month through the universal language of music.

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