Honesdale Street Piano Strikes a Harmonious Chord with Community

by Madonna

HONESDALE, Pa. – A melodious addition to the heart of downtown Honesdale is striking a chord with residents, fostering a harmonious sense of community. Beneath the awning of Dragons Den Games and Hobbies, a white piano now stands, awaiting the nimble fingers of passersby.

Much like the canvas of a painting, Lisa Glover from the Wayne County Arts Alliance envisions this street piano as a musical masterpiece, igniting a renewed sense of togetherness.


“I saw this lovely piano outside with a sign on it that said ‘Free,’ and I’ve seen these other street piano projects in big cities like Boston, and I thought, we could do that here,” Glover enthusiastically shared.


The piano found its place outside David Figura’s Brass & Woodwind on Main Street, where it had silently resided over the years. Once a cherished possession of Figura’s mother, it had occasionally been utilized for music lessons. Figura wholeheartedly embraced Glover’s idea of breathing fresh life into this age-old instrument.


“She mentioned that the piano would be painted and it would be moved from location to location, and everyone who wanted to could play on it, and I thought that’s perfect because my mom, she’s deceased now, was very community-minded,” Figura expressed with sentiment.

The community piano has already begun to resonate with the soul of Honesdale. Tunes like the Pink Panther theme song and John Lennon’s iconic “Let It Be” have graced the keys, alongside the spontaneous tinkling by curious hands.

While the piano welcomes all to play, those who are not musically inclined need not fret. The Wayne County Arts Alliance is extending an invitation to the community to propose art designs for the piano, ensuring that even non-musicians can participate in this creative endeavor.

“It’s not just here on the streets; it’s a genuine part of the community because it’s been designed by the people who call this place home,” Glover emphasized.

Borough Council has generously permitted the Arts Alliance to shelter the community piano beneath the protective embrace of the Fred R. Miller Pavilion on Main Street.

To sustain this heartwarming initiative, the arts organization is seeking donations to facilitate the piano’s winter storage and maintenance, ensuring that it remains in perfect harmony for all to enjoy.

“We’re about any type of art, especially art that brings people together and helps them to experience something, and music is really great at bringing people together,” Glover shared, highlighting the uniting power of music.

In an artistic venture that Lisa Glover fervently hopes will harmonize the community in more ways than one, the Honesdale street piano stands as a symbol of shared creativity and harmony.


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