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An Afternoon of Music and Orchard Delights: Local Guitarist at Leffel Roots Apple Orchard

by Madonna

Leffel Roots Apple Orchard recently hosted local guitarist Max Strozzi for an afternoon of music and family-friendly fun. The event took place on Saturday, September 16, from 2-4 p.m., drawing locals and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful orchard setting along with Strozzi’s musical talents.

This event marked a special occasion for Max Strozzi, as it marked the one-year anniversary of his partnership with Leffel Roots Apple Orchard. Strozzi’s relationship with the orchard began when he played at a Halloween-themed bonfire event last year. Reflecting on his first experience at the orchard, Strozzi said, “I moved here (Eau Claire) on Oct. 14th and played Leffel on Oct. 31st.” The Halloween event was a hit, and it’s set to return this year on October 20, featuring Strozzi’s music once again.

Leffel Roots approached Strozzi to play at more events due to the positive response from the first one. Strozzi shared his appreciation for the orchard’s welcoming atmosphere and the scenic beauty it offers. He was delighted to see families enjoying themselves in the pumpkin patch while he entertained them with his music.

Describing the audience, Strozzi said, “Great crowd, they were very friendly. They sat at the tables and didn’t talk through the songs. It was a nice, attentive crowd, which is very nice as a singer/songwriter to feel like people really care. The overall vibe of the area is to really take in and prop up local art.”

Jim Leffel, the owner of Leffel Roots, expressed his enthusiasm for hosting live music events. While the orchard has been in operation since 2015, live music has become a regular feature for the past three years. Leffel believes that live music adds a unique and enjoyable element to their orchard experience. He mentioned that while these events don’t necessarily bring in new customers, they enhance the atmosphere and create a more social environment for their existing patrons.

Laura Leffel, Jim’s wife, echoed this sentiment and emphasized the inclusive nature of the live music events. She said, “If you have a multigenerational family, the kids can go to the corn maze, the grandparents can sit and listen to the music. There’s something so that everyone can be involved.”

One such multigenerational family enjoying the event was Karol French, Jerry French, and their family. They expressed their appreciation for the live music’s relaxed and mellow vibe as they strolled through the orchard. Karol noted, “I thought it was perfect — the music wasn’t overpowering, just really mellow and relaxing.” For them, the music perfectly complemented the orchard’s serene environment.

Max Strozzi, himself a parent, mentioned that he was tempted to bring his children along but found it challenging to balance watching them and performing. Nonetheless, he encouraged readers to explore Eau Claire’s live music scene and visit Leffel Roots Apple Orchard, where the apple beer is not to be missed.

The event at Leffel Roots Apple Orchard served as a delightful fusion of music and nature, bringing families and music enthusiasts together for an afternoon of relaxation and enjoyment. It showcased the power of live music to enhance the overall experience of visiting a beautiful orchard and created lasting memories for all who attended.

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