RPO Trumpeter Herb Smith Explores the Power of Music in Breaking Barriers

by Madonna

Rochester, New York – Can music transcend boundaries and serve as a unifying force for individuals from diverse backgrounds? This intriguing question takes center stage as Herb Smith, esteemed trumpeter of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), prepares to engage audiences in an enlightening discussion during the forthcoming “Concert to End Hate” at the Levine Center to End Hate.

Herb Smith, a notable figure in the world of music, particularly in a genre that has historically featured relatively few Black performers, will use this unique musical platform to share his personal journey as a Black man in the industry. He will shed light on his experiences, challenges, and triumphs, offering insights into the power of music to build bridges between individuals from different walks of life.


Joining Herb Smith in this meaningful conversation is Monica Gebell, the director of the Levine Center to End Hate, who brings her expertise and perspective to the dialogue.


Herb Smith is not only a trumpeter for the RPO but also serves as the leader of the Eastman Youth Jazz Orchestra and is the founder of Herb’s City Trumpets. His accomplishments and influence in the music world, particularly in advocating for inclusivity and unity, have earned him a prominent place in the community.


The “Concert to End Hate” promises to be a thought-provoking event, where music and dialogue converge to explore how the universal language of melody can transcend prejudice and foster connections among its listeners.

This initiative highlights the RPO’s commitment to not only delivering exceptional musical performances but also using the power of music to ignite conversations and drive positive change within the community.

As the date of the event draws near, audiences eagerly anticipate the enlightening discussion and harmonious melodies that will undoubtedly resonate long after the final notes have faded. Join Herb Smith, Monica Gebell, and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in an exploration of music’s ability to dismantle barriers and bring people together in harmony.


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