Nintendo Switch Welcomes Trombone Champ: The Ultimate Rhythm Music Game

by Madonna

Get ready to unleash your inner trombonist as Holy Wow Studios brings the viral rhythm music game, Trombone Champ, to the Nintendo Switch. With more than 45 eclectic songs spanning anthems, marches, classical compositions, electronic beats, folk classics, and beyond, this musical adventure promises to turn you into the ultimate trombone champ.

Key Features:

Toot to Triumph: Your trombone skills will be put to the test as you honk, blow, and toot your way through a diverse playlist. The better you play, the more toots you’ll earn, and the sweeter your success will sound.


Multiplayer Madness: Grab your friends because Trombone Champ on Nintendo Switch offers local multiplayer fun for up to four players. Compete head-to-head to see who can hit the right notes and reign supreme as the true champ.


Interactive Secrets: Dive into the game’s world, where collectible cards and hidden characters await your discovery. As you uncover the hidden storylines, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of new characters, trombones, unique trombone sounds, and much more.



Trombone Champ is now available for digital download on the Nintendo eShop, and it’s ready to captivate players worldwide with its irresistible tunes and engaging gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a casual gamer, Trombone Champ offers a symphony of fun and challenges that will keep you hooked.

So, grab your virtual trombone, gather your friends, and embark on a musical journey filled with excitement and surprises. Trombone Champ is your ticket to becoming the ultimate trombonist on the Nintendo Switch!


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