Carrie Underwood’s Drumming Skills: Unveiling a Hidden Talent

by Madonna

Carrie Underwood is a multifaceted artist, widely recognized for her vocal prowess and accomplishments on stage and screen. From her rise to fame on American Idol to a string of accolades, global tours, and her role as the official musician for the NFL’s Sunday Night Football, Underwood has showcased her extraordinary talents. While her singing abilities are unquestionable, many may be curious about her proficiency on other musical instruments, particularly the drums.

In her 2023 rendition of “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night,” the anthem that heralds the start of each Sunday night NFL game, viewers caught a glimpse of Underwood behind the drum kit. This unexpected performance left fans wondering: can Carrie Underwood actually play the drums?


The answer is yes, albeit with a touch of humility. Carrie Underwood, a versatile musician known for her skills on the guitar, piano, and harmonica, has also ventured into the realm of drumming. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2019, she confessed, “I am not a drummer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love being behind the kit and hitting things.” While she doesn’t claim expertise, Underwood’s foray into drumming isn’t a one-time occurrence. In 2022, she kicked off her “The Denim & Rhinestones” tour with a remarkable drum solo, showcasing her growing affinity for percussion.


Several of Underwood’s chart-topping hits, including “Good Girl,” “Church Bells,” and “Undo It,” prominently feature drum parts, further demonstrating her connection to this rhythmic instrument. Her interest in learning the drums can be traced back to 2012 when she declared her enthusiasm for acquiring new skills and embracing challenges. “I’m a big fan of learning new things and challenging myself, so if that means trying to play the drums or learning to play a new instrument, I’m always up for it,” she told CMT in 2012.


Prior to the start of the football season, Underwood hinted at an exciting addition to her iconic Sunday Night Football anthem. Her 11th consecutive season rendition did not disappoint fans, as it featured a surprise drum solo performed by the queen of country music herself.

Carrie Underwood’s evolving musical journey continues to captivate audiences, reminding us that her talents are as diverse as they are impressive. While she may not claim to be a drumming virtuoso, her enthusiasm for learning and her undeniable stage presence ensure that her fans can always expect the unexpected from this musical powerhouse.


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