Annual “Sit A Spell” Piano Fall Premiere on September 16th to Feature Community Sing-Along

by Madonna

Coronado, California – Mark your calendars, music enthusiasts and piano aficionados! On Saturday, September 16th, at 1:00 pm, a beloved tradition returns to the Coronado Public Library with the annual premiere of the island’s iconic “Sit a Spell” community piano. This eagerly anticipated event promises a delightful afternoon filled with timeless tunes and the opportunity for the community to come together in a joyous “opening day sing-along.”

What sets this year’s keyboard debut and community sing-along apart is the collaboration between the Coronado Ukulele Club and the Crown City Chorale. Music lovers of all ages are invited to join in and experience a harmonious fusion of voices and instruments, ensuring an unforgettable musical treat for all who attend.


The “Sit-a-Spell, Play-a-Tune” public piano program made its debut in 2017, enriching the local cultural landscape. This year, the opening was delayed due to winter storage-related moisture issues. The Coronado Arts Commission came to the rescue, securing a donated piano adorned with original artwork by local artist Michael Ives, depicting vivid details of the picturesque town. This vibrant piano, graced with 88 keys, beckons people of all ages and skill levels to come and play, forging connections through the universal language of music.


While past years saw multiple pianos adorning the city’s streets, this fall, only the newly refurbished “grand dame” of colorful keyboards will take center stage. Positioned near the library’s coffee cart entrance, this spinet piano, sponsored by the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, stands as a cherished gift to the community.


The “Sit a Spell” community piano will remain at the library’s entrance throughout the fall season, serving as a catalyst for musical inspiration and community interaction. The organizers of this abbreviated “Sit a Spell” season aspire to foster a sense of togetherness, encouraging neighbors and visitors to play, listen, and connect. According to the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, “The piano’s presence in our community this fall creates a performance-inspiring, interactive, public art installation for everyone living in or visiting Coronado to enjoy.”

Don’t miss this enchanting musical gathering, as Coronado welcomes back the “Sit a Spell” piano, where melodies and community spirit harmonize under the warm California sun.


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