Vez Guitar Academy and Music Store: A Family Legacy of Music and Knowledge

by Madonna

In the heart of Alhambra, California, David Chavez has transformed his lifelong passion for music into a thriving family business known as the Vez Guitar Academy and Music Store. More than just a place for instruments and lessons, it’s a place where knowledge and melodies are shared.

David’s journey with the guitar began at the tender age of 4. He fondly recalls that first touch, the sensation of skin on steel, which ignited his lifelong fascination with the instrument. “I love that I’m able to create that feeling and emotion,” he says with a smile.


In 2007, David decided to turn his passion into a business. He took a leap of faith and started small, setting up shop at a local swap meet with just a table and a bullhorn. Initially, he offered lessons out of his garage in Glendora, California.


The pivotal moment came when his first student had connections to the renowned Tower of Power, providing the motivation David needed to expand. Over the years, the Vez Guitar Academy and Music Store evolved, eventually settling at its current location at 34 W. Main Street, Alhambra.


David’s sons, Elijah and Aries, have joined him in this musical journey. Elijah serves as the vice president and handles shipping, receiving, and building relationships with business partners. Aries, a skilled luthier, assists his father in repairing guitars, a craft he learned from David. Their combined efforts have allowed the store to grow and thrive.

The store boasts an array of musical treasures, including Electro-Harmonix pedals and bass effects, as well as guitars from reputable brands like Ibanez, Dean, Luna, and Cordoba. Cordoba, in particular, has earned David’s trust for its reliability, even attracting visits from Ernie Ball representatives.

David Chavez is no stranger to the music industry. Graduating from the Trebas Institute with a degree in sound engineering, recording, and music production, he’s also an alumnus of the Guitar Institute of Technology. He has worked alongside music legends such as David Foster, Steve Perry, Prince, Bonnie Raitt, and Sheena Easton, establishing himself as “the premier guitarist in the San Gabriel Valley.”

David’s dedication to his students is evident in his teaching philosophy: flexible scheduling, affordable tuition, no long-term contracts, and no annual registration fees. He imparts his techniques and methods to 80 to 100 students each month, with the sole requirement that they share his burning desire to learn.

In the world of guitarists, David’s influences include Al Di Meola, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Eric Johnson. With a thriving word-of-mouth reputation, the business has already gained a devoted following.

For David, the Vez Guitar Academy and Music Store is more than a business; it’s a legacy he’s building with his sons. Elijah, Aries, and Blaze, the eldest son who assists when he’s not in school, are learning the ropes of entrepreneurship and musicianship. David envisions a future where they carry the torch and make the business their own.

As a family endeavor, the Vez Guitar Academy and Music Store is not just about instruments and lessons; it’s about nurturing a passion for music, passing down knowledge, and building a legacy that will resonate through generations.


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