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Stranger’s Kindness Rescues Precious Family Heirloom Guitars Lost in Woolgoolga

by Madonna

Woolgoolga, New South Wales – A heartwarming tale of compassion unfolded on the Pacific Highway in northern New South Wales, where the generosity of a stranger saved two cherished family heirloom guitars from being lost forever.

Holly Willis, while on a journey along the scenic Pacific Highway, experienced a harrowing moment when two prized possessions tumbled from the back of her ute. These were no ordinary items; they were guitars that had once belonged to her late father, Gerry Willis, and held immeasurable sentimental value as a lasting connection to him.

Gerry Willis, a professional musician and artist, had left a piece of his heart on these guitars. One of them bore a self-portrait by his skilled hand, while the other was an instrument he lovingly played daily during his time in a nursing home, even as he battled dementia.

The guitars went missing during a move as Ms. Willis and her partner transported their belongings from Armidale to their home in Wooli on the NSW Mid North Coast. Wrapped with care, Ms. Willis believed they were secure, only to discover their disappearance upon reaching Wooli.

Overwhelmed with grief, she turned to the power of community and posted their plight on a local Facebook page. The response was a testament to the kindness of strangers.

The following morning, a message from a stranger named Pam brought tears of relief. Pam, a resident of Woolgoolga, had seen the post and, incredibly, spotted the guitars along the highway during her travels. She promptly retrieved them, still wrapped and intact.

Ms. Willis, deeply grateful for Pam’s selfless act, was eager to offer a reward, but Pam declined, insisting, “This is what we should do for others.” Instead, Ms. Willis extended her heartfelt thanks with a hug and one of her own artworks.

The guitars, now safely back in Ms. Willis’s possession, continue to serve as a profound connection to her father, who passed away in 2018. For her and her family, these instruments represent not just melodies but cherished memories, bridging the gap that dementia sought to create, and keeping her father’s spirit alive through music and art.

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