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Josh Klinghoffer Steps in on Drums for Pearl Jam in Texas Amidst Ongoing Health Challenges

by Madonna

Fort Worth, Texas – September 14, 2023 – Pearl Jam’s resilience and adaptability were on full display last night in Fort Worth, Texas, as touring member Josh Klinghoffer once again stepped in on short notice to handle drumming duties for the band. This marks the third occasion since May 2022 that Klinghoffer has come to the band’s aid, showcasing his dedication and versatility.

The unexpected substitution was necessitated by Pearl Jam’s long-time drummer, Matt Cameron, who is currently recuperating from a bout with COVID-19. Additionally, the band faced the additional challenge of frontman Eddie Vedder battling the flu, which led to the postponement of their Sunday show outside Indianapolis. Thankfully, Vedder’s improved health allowed him to grace the stage once more, but Cameron’s ongoing recovery meant he was unable to perform, leading to Klinghoffer’s invaluable contribution.

What sets this performance apart from previous fill-ins by Klinghoffer in Oakland and Fresno, California, last year is that he assumed drumming duties for the entire Fort Worth show. This performance, featuring a staggering 27 songs and spanning 155 minutes, was the longest of the band’s short fall U.S. tour thus far. Among the standout moments were the revival of rarities such as “Satan’s Bed” from the Vitalogy album (only the third performance since 2016) and “Pilate” from Yield (the second performance since 2018). Notably, the setlist included six songs from Yield, with “Mind Your Manners” from 2013’s Lightning Bolt representing the lone track released after 1998.

Klinghoffer officially joined Pearl Jam as a touring member in early 2020, initially preparing for a spring tour in support of their album Gigaton. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to tour postponements, and Klinghoffer’s debut in front of a live audience didn’t occur until September 18, 2021, at New Jersey’s Sea.Hear.Now festival. Beyond his association with Pearl Jam, Klinghoffer served as the lead guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers from 2009 to 2019, succeeded by the band’s original guitarist, John Frusciante. Remarkably, he is also a lifelong Pearl Jam aficionado and the owner of the drum kit formerly used by ex-member Jack Irons on the albums No Code and Yield.

Pearl Jam’s unwavering commitment to delivering memorable performances in the face of adversity, bolstered by Josh Klinghoffer’s exceptional talent, continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

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