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Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm Embarks on Tour, Bringing Trombone Magic to Audiences

by Madonna

Renowned New York-based trombonist Jennifer Wharton, along with a stellar ensemble of fellow trombonists, including John Fedchock, Nate Mayland, and Alan Ferber, is set to embark on a tour that promises to captivate audiences with the vibrant and soulful sounds of their trombones. The ensemble will showcase music from their two previously released albums, “Bonegasm” (2019) and “Not A Novelty” (2021), in addition to tantalizing previews from their forthcoming album, “Grit & Grace.”

“Bonegasm,” as described by Jennifer Wharton, is a culmination of musical excitement, delivering feelings of sheer pleasure that resonate in the ears. The collective’s mission is to spread the joy of peace, love, and the trombone to unsuspecting audiences, inviting everyone to savor the experience.

Art Boutiki, a renowned venue celebrated for its exceptional acoustics and dedication to the art of music, plays host to this incredible Trombone trio. The venue’s commitment to sound quality ensures that the upcoming performance promises to be an unforgettable evening of music.

For music enthusiasts and patrons, Art Boutiki stands out as the quintessential destination to experience the magic of Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm. Whether you have other opportunities to catch this exceptional ensemble during their California tour, Art Boutiki guarantees an unmatched sonic experience.

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