Jason Berger, Jacob Jolliff, and Alec Spiegelman to Release ‘Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet’

by Madonna

Adhyâropa Records has announced the release of “Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet,” an album featuring a trio comprising Jason Berger, Jacob Jolliff, and Alec Spiegelman. This jazz standards album is set to be released on October 6, offering a unique blend of musical talent and creativity.

The trio’s performance on the album is characterized by tight timing and loose arrangements, delivering renditions of seven timeless songs from the rich tradition of jazz music. These standards have deep roots in American music, and they are interwoven with various other musical genres.


The three musicians hail from Brooklyn, each contributing their distinctive talents to the project. Jacob Jolliff, known for his virtuosity on the mandolin, has won numerous contests and is recognized for his exceptional skills. He has performed with renowned artists such as Bela Fleck and the Yonder Mountain String Band, earning a Berklee School of Music scholarship for his mandolin prowess.


Alec Spiegelman, on the other hand, is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter associated with Cuddle Magic. He has produced albums for artists like Ana Egge and Taylor Ashton, showcasing his versatility and creativity in the music industry.


Jason Burger, an in-demand drummer in the indie music scene, has contributed his talents to numerous albums, including those by Big Thief and Renata Zeiguer. His drumming on the album “Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet” adds a unique dimension to the trio’s sound, using only brushes on a snare.

The album was recorded at the Webster in Brooklyn, NY, over several days in June 2022. The recording captures the trio’s performance in an intimate setting, with a focus on quiet intensity and close collaboration. The musicians played without isolation, creating a sense of unity and shared space.

“Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet” offers a collection of relaxed takes on well-practiced repertoire. The trio had spent months practicing together, refining their interpretations of these classic tunes. The result is a captivating and authentic musical experience.

Adhyâropa Records, an artist-run label based in NYC, specializes in releasing creative music that blurs the boundaries between art and pop. This album promises to be another intriguing addition to their diverse catalog.


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