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Deadmau5 Explores Drum & Bass in Experimental Home Studio Performance

by Madonna

Electronic music icon Deadmau5 recently embarked on a two-hour experimental session, treating fans to a drum & bass-centered live performance from his home studio. Notably, this performance marked a departure from his historical reliance on different hardware setups, as he showcased his skills on Pioneer DJ CDJs, an industry-standard setup he hadn’t utilized extensively before.

While the change in equipment drew attention, it was Deadmau5’s choice of tracks that truly captivated fans during this performance. With 2023 witnessing a surge in popularity for drum & bass music in the United States, Deadmau5 took the opportunity to share a selection of tracks that have piqued his interest lately. Opening and closing his set with offerings from artists such as Enei, Xaetis, Mozey, and more, the performance unveiled a new facet of the influential “Strobe” producer, offering fans a unique experience unlike anything they had seen from him before.

Drum & bass music has been making waves across the festival circuit and social media platforms, hinting at an early resurgence in popularity. In April, Chris Goss, co-founder of the renowned Hospital Records imprint, shared his belief that the genre is on the verge of another mainstream explosion in popularity, further solidifying its place in the electronic music landscape.

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