Local Pianist George Winfield Enchants First United Bank with Live Performance

by Madonna

Seguin, Texas – The captivating sounds of live piano music echoed through the lobby of First United Bank – Seguin East, courtesy of George Winfield, a talented pianist who also happens to be legally blind. The bank, known for its commitment to community involvement, recently invited Winfield to be part of its Local Spotlight initiative, where local talents and services take center stage.

Summer Robledo, the bank’s Spend Life Wisely ambassador and team-building specialist, explained that the Local Spotlight feature is a way to celebrate the diverse talents that define the Seguin community. She emphasized that First United Bank goes beyond the traditional banking experience, focusing on impacting and empowering the community across four pillars: faith, financial well-being, personal growth, and health and wellness.

“We are a community bank, and our goal is community involvement,” said Robledo. “Our Local Spotlights highlight people and businesses within the community, especially those falling within our four core categories. We aim to support local, not-for-profits, and small businesses. Mr. Winfield graciously agreed to perform a concert for us as part of this initiative. It’s not about banking with us; it’s about giving back to the community and promoting our local businesses.”

Each of the three First United Bank locations in Seguin hosts its own Local Spotlight, fostering a sense of community and showcasing the talents and offerings that make Seguin special.

Pat Rodriguez, First United Bank’s senior relationship banker, expressed her delight at having the lobby filled with customers and employees during Winfield’s performance. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the unique gifts each person possesses and the value of sharing those gifts with others.

“I believe every single person has a gift that they can offer and give to one another,” Rodriguez said. “Mr. Winfield, with his tremendous musical talent, brings peace, love, and joy to all of us through his music. It’s truly awesome.”

George Winfield’s love for the piano dates back six decades, a decision he made as a child that would shape his life. “I went to the school for the blind from first through 12th grade,” Winfield explained. “In the second grade, someone came and asked all the little second graders if they would like to learn to play the piano. For some reason unknown to me, I just raised my hand and said, ‘Sure, why not?'”

Encouraged by the support of the bank, Winfield chose to showcase his talent for the community. “I really just wanted to do it for the bank, to help them and promote them,” he said. “I didn’t come with any expectations of becoming a star or anything, but I just wanted to do something nice for the bank. They were nice to my wife and me when she was alive and really helped us out a lot. So, I just thought maybe it was something that I could do for them.”

As for his vision, Winfield sees it as a gift from God, one he is committed to using to bring joy to others through his music. “It’s a talent that God has given me, and it’s not right for me to not use it,” he affirmed.

First United Bank’s official mission revolves around building a culture of care in the communities it serves, nurturing lifelong, multigenerational relationships with families. The bank’s commitment to community involvement reflects its belief that strong communities are built when people come together.

Robledo emphasized the bank’s unique approach, stating, “A lot of banks are pushing the online and digital experience, but we want you to come in and see who we are, what we stand for. It’s not traditional. So, that is one of the ways we are able to do it, but it’s really about community involvement.”

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