Turning Antique Broken Piano into Stunning Bookshelf

by Madonna

The adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” resonates strongly within the world of thrifters and upcyclers, but a recent Reddit post has taken this sentiment to new heights, leaving the internet in awe.

A captivating photograph, shared on the r/Upcycling forum, spotlights the incredible transformation of a 149-year-old, dilapidated piano into a striking bookshelf. This antique musical instrument still retains its distinctive keys and frame, but its interior has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, now boasting carefully arranged shelves adorned with an impressive collection of books.


The original poster, who undertook this ambitious project, accompanied the image with the words: “A friend of mine wanted to get rid of his 149-year-old broken piano. But then I built this.”


This ingeniously crafted bookshelf not only stands as a remarkable statement piece, sure to captivate bibliophiles and music enthusiasts alike, but it also represents a creative solution to prevent substantial pieces of waste from ending up in landfills.


The issue of discarding pianos improperly, often referred to as “fly-tipping,” remains a pressing concern. The market value of used pianos has experienced a significant decline in recent years, compelling numerous piano owners to resort to dismantling, dumping, or even using their instruments as firewood.

One contributing factor to this trend is the exorbitant cost of piano repairs coupled with the dwindling number of skilled piano technicians. Furthermore, musicians now have access to affordable imported or electronic pianos that come at a fraction of the cost.

Upcyclers, exemplified by the Reddit user behind this extraordinary project, are sending a powerful message to the world: these instruments still possess untapped potential, even when their musical resonance may no longer be what it once was.

The transformation garnered enthusiastic praise from other Redditors. One user marveled at the professional quality of the project, stating, “I first thought that this was an ad, it looks so stunning and professional! I absolutely love it.”

Another user applauded the upcycler’s ability to breathe new life into a piano that might have otherwise been illegally disposed of, saying, “That is absolutely stunning! Such an amazing job! I always admire anyone who can make something beautiful out of unwanted and unloved pianos that otherwise end up flytipped.”


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