Texas Heat Playfully Warms Up Social Media with “Melted” Kick Drum Tale

by Madonna

On September 6, 2023, a user going by the handle “coyote2” on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) ignited a digital wildfire with a humorous anecdote. In a post that garnered substantial attention, coyote2 claimed that the blistering Texas heat had “melted” their kick drum while it was en route on a delivery truck. However, as savvy readers quickly discerned, this was nothing more than a lighthearted jest meant to tickle the funny bone.

The spotlight-stealer in this online jest was none other than a Vox Telstar drum set, proudly featured in a photo and accompanying video.


“I’m SO mad, the Texas heat melted my kick drum while it was on the delivery truck,” coyote2 playfully lamented in the post.


This online quip struck a chord with social media users, racking up over 100,000 likes and amassing a whopping 3.5 million views. These engagement statistics soared well above the ordinary for X posts.


The Vox Telstar 2020, in question, is a contemporary revival of an iconic drum set from the 1960s, meticulously crafted with the guidance of SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE. Known for its distinctive and visually captivating design, featuring an unconventional kick drum shape and classic maple finish, the Vox Telstar Maple drum set promises to capture the audience’s gaze.

Every component of the Vox Telstar Maple pays homage to the exacting standards of the 1960s, impeccably recreating its unique vintage aesthetics to ensure it stands out in any musical setting.

Beyond its striking appearance, the Telstar delivers a rich sonic experience. Crafted under the meticulous supervision of the SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE team, the Telstar 2020 is a finely tuned drum kit, endowed with substantial sonic prowess.

One of its standout features is the distinctive oval kick drum head, a revolutionary concept that offers players unprecedented versatility. Depending on where the kick drum is struck, its tonal character, pitch, and harmonics undergo delightful variations, providing musicians with expanded creative possibilities.

“I purchased the drums because of their stunning appearance, and they happened to arrive on a scorching day when the temperature hit ~104 degrees,” coyote2 disclosed. “When I unboxed them, they were hot to the touch, and it struck me as amusing, like they had ‘melted.'”

“I knew it would bring a smile to my friends’ faces, but I never anticipated it would reach such a wide audience. I’m thrilled that it brought laughter to others as well,” coyote2 added.

In the world of viral online humor, coyote2’s clever jest about a “melted” kick drum under the Texas sun serves as a reminder that even the most unconventional scenarios can resonate with a global audience in the age of social media.


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