Grand Opening of Bullock Series Features Saxophone-Electric Guitar Duo

by Madonna

KALAMAZOO, MI – The prestigious Bullock Series returns, ushering in its latest season with a captivating performance featuring an unconventional pairing of amplified saxophone and electric guitar. The event is scheduled to commence tonight at 7:30 pm, hosted by Western Michigan University.

This distinctive musical journey brings together two accomplished musicians, each hailing from different corners of the globe. Bobbi Thompson, originally from Twin Falls, Idaho, currently imparts her saxophone expertise at Western University in London, Ontario. Ariel Kasler, a gifted guitarist born in Israel, serves as a professor at Bowling Green University. Together, they form the dynamic duo known as Thompson-Kasler.


A notable highlight of their collaboration is the commissioning of new music specifically tailored to their saxophone-electric guitar fusion. The evening’s program promises to be a tapestry of fresh compositions, offering an auditory experience that resonates with novelty and innovation.


Cara Lieurance, a prominent voice in the realm of music, had the privilege of conversing with Thompson and Kasler. In an insightful preview of the upcoming concert, they shared their perspectives and insights on what promises to be a musical event like no other.


As the Bullock Series embarks on yet another season, this saxophone-electric guitar duo promises to set the stage on fire with their innovative musical creations. It’s a testament to the series’ commitment to bringing unique and exceptional performances to the audiences of Western Michigan University and beyond.


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