Community Drum Circle Relocates to Liberty Park Due to Hurricane Impact

by Madonna

Inverness, Florida – A beloved community drum circle event, which has been a source of rhythm and unity, is undergoing a temporary change of location due to the impact of an approaching hurricane. Attendees are invited to join in the uplifting beats on Sunday, September 10, as the group relocates to Liberty Park in Inverness.

With Fort Island Beach unavailable for the next few months due to hurricane-related reasons, the drum circle will find its temporary home at Liberty Park, located at 368 N. Apopka in Inverness. Participants can conveniently find the gathering spot by heading to Liberty Park, just past the Depot and Withlacoochee Trail, right by the bathroom on the right side of the road.


The drum circle event is scheduled to commence at 6 p.m. and will continue for a couple of hours. While attendees can expect ample parking and restroom facilities at Liberty Park, it’s essential to note that there will be no shade available. As a precaution against the elements, attendees are encouraged to bring umbrellas that can attach to their chairs if needed.


Until the event can safely return to its original beach location, it is expected that the group will continue to meet at Liberty Park. However, in the event of rain at the scheduled start time, the drum circle gathering will regrettably be canceled.


Participants are encouraged to bring their drums and shakers, along with other small percussion instruments, to join in the rhythmic celebration. Additionally, it’s advisable to bring a chair, a non-alcoholic beverage, bug spray, and of course, the willingness to dance to the captivating beats.

For the comfort and enjoyment of all attendees, it’s important to respect the park’s rules, which prohibit smoking. Additionally, attendees are kindly requested to refrain from bringing alcohol, dogs, or engaging in political discussions during the drum circle, ensuring a harmonious and inclusive gathering for all.


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