Latin Jazz Duo to Grace The Brightside with Unique Twist on Genre

by Madonna

Dayton, Ohio – Latin jazz is a genre known for its vibrant diversity, and on Wednesday, September 6, music enthusiasts at The Brightside in Dayton will have the pleasure of experiencing a fresh take on this rich musical tradition. The dynamic duo of Natalie Cressman, with her vocals and trombone, and Ian Faquini, with his vocals and acoustic guitar, brings a unique twist to the genre, captivating audiences with their distinctive approach.

Both Cressman and Faquini bring a wealth of musical experiences to the table. Cressman’s impressive resume includes a 13-year tenure with the Trey Anastasio Band, as well as touring and recording with her own ensemble, Secret Garden. Born into a family of professional musicians, her mother, jazz vocalist Sandy Cressman, has collaborated with prominent Brazilian artists such as Marcos Silva and Jovino Santos Neto. Her father, trombonist Jeff Cressman, boasts an illustrious career backing Latin music legends like Tito Puente and Flora Purim, along with a remarkable 16-year stint as a member of Carlos Santana’s band.

On the other hand, Faquini, hailing from Brazil, has made his home in Berkeley, California, since the age of 8. During his formative years, while enrolled in the Berkeley High School jazz program, Faquini embarked on a mentorship with the renowned Brazilian composer Guinga. In 2016, he collaborated with singer Paula Santoro on the release of “Metal Na Madeira,” a collaborative album that showcased his talents.

The fateful meeting of Cressman and Faquini occurred at the California Brazil Camp in the serene town of Cazadero, nestled amidst the majestic redwood trees of northern California. While their paths had crossed on several occasions before, it was at this camp that their musical synergy truly ignited. The unique combination of guitar and trombone struck a resonant chord, a pairing they found surprisingly rare in the world of music. Thus, their collaboration was born. Interestingly, it was later discovered that they had both attended the camp as children, a fact underscored by photographs of them playing music together during those early years.

As adults, Cressman and Faquini recognized the magic of their vocal harmonies, whether singing in English or Portuguese. Their collaboration started with a song penned by Faquini, with lyrics contributed by Cressman. This initial partnership set the stage for the creation of their distinct sound, characterized by intricately woven harmonies that enrich their musical compositions.

The fruits of their partnership are evident in their discography, which includes the 2019 release “Setting Rays of Summer” and the subsequent 2022 album “Auburn Whisper.” The latter, in particular, emerged as a project born amidst the challenges of the pandemic. While a song or two had been recorded just before the world shut down, the duo embraced a rhythm of weekly recording sessions, aided by Cressman’s father and his home studio. Their collaboration saw a fusion of guitar and vocal tracks, enhanced by trombone arrangements meticulously crafted by Cressman herself.

Currently based in New York, Cressman and Faquini continue to create new music. They have recently completed a holiday project and are gearing up to record their next full-length album in California.

This special performance at The Brightside’s VodVil Bar marks Cressman and Faquini’s debut in Dayton. The evening promises to be an intimate musical experience, with local artist Frank Calzada opening the show at 8 p.m. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the captivating fusion of vocals, trombone, and acoustic guitar as this talented duo takes the stage to infuse Latin jazz with their unique twist.

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