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“Mr. Clarinet” Showcases Buddy DeFranco’s Musical Legacy at Alphabet City – Northside

by Madonna

New York City, NY – Off Minor, the revered jazz series, is back to pay a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Buddy DeFranco in an unforgettable event titled “Mr. Clarinet.” With a musical journey that spanned generations, Buddy DeFranco’s indomitable spirit continues to resonate in the hearts of jazz enthusiasts.

Born into the vibrant swing era of the 1930s, Boniface Ferdinand Leonard, affectionately known as “Buddy” DeFranco, emerged as a luminary whose artistic evolution was profoundly influenced by the groundbreaking sounds of Charlie Parker and the revolutionary music of the 1940s. His clarinet mastery set a new standard in the jazz world, solidifying his status as one of the few authentic BeBop clarinetists capable of navigating the intricate demands of this genre.

Highlighting this remarkable evening is the brilliant clarinetist Paul Cosentino, who will grace the stage with renditions of DeFranco’s original compositions, alongside timeless jazz standards that DeFranco himself left an indelible mark upon throughout his illustrious career.

Alphabet City – Northside will serve as the backdrop for this musical celebration, offering attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the enduring legacy of Buddy DeFranco. “Mr. Clarinet” promises an evening of melodic brilliance and a heartfelt celebration of a jazz icon whose influence knows no bounds.

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