Freddie Mercury’s Iconic Piano, Used for Bohemian Rhapsody, to be Auctioned

by Madonna

Freddie Mercury’s legendary grand piano, an instrument that played a pivotal role in the creation of timeless classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Barcelona,” is set to go under the hammer in a historic auction conducted by Sotheby’s. What sets this sale apart is the decision to offer the piano “without reserve,” signifying that there will be no minimum sale price, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of potential buyers.

Mercury’s association with the Yamaha Baby Grand Piano dates back to 1975 when he embarked on a quest to find his “perfect piano.” Over the years, this instrument became an integral part of his creative process, serving as the muse for some of the most iconic songs in the Queen frontman’s repertoire.


The auction is expected to take place with an estimated price range of £2 million to £3 million, marking a historic moment in the world of music memorabilia.


This remarkable decision to auction the piano came following the “Freddie Mercury: A World Of His Own” exhibition, where thousands of items from Mercury’s home, Garden Lodge in Kensington, London, were put on display. Mary Austin, a close friend of Freddie Mercury, was deeply moved by the public’s response to the exhibition and decided that the piano should be offered “without reserve.”


Sotheby’s expressed Mary Austin’s hope for the piano to find a new home where it will be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest, honoring the memory of the iconic musician.

A significant portion of the proceeds from this historic sale will be donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation, reflecting Freddie Mercury’s enduring legacy in the fight against AIDS. Freddie Mercury tragically passed away in 1991 at the age of 45 due to health complications related to AIDS.

Sir Elton John, a dear friend and contemporary of Freddie Mercury, shared his heartfelt sentiments: “I miss Freddie to this day. He was a wonderful friend – more full of love and life than anyone I’ve ever met – as well as a brilliant performer whose music has inspired and thrilled millions.”

The auction, which encompasses six dedicated events, kicks off with the first live evening sale on September 6th, featuring the sale of the grand piano. Subsequent live auctions on September 7th and 8th delve into the life and legacy of Freddie Mercury, offering a glimpse into his life “On Stage” and “At Home” with objects and memorabilia from Garden Lodge.

Completing the series are three online auctions titled “In Love With Japan” and parts one and two of “Crazy Little Things,” offering a treasure trove of items that celebrate Freddie Mercury’s multifaceted life and enduring impact on the world of music and art.


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