Renowned Pianist Randall Benway Returns to Perform Beethoven’s Piano Concerto

by Madonna

The Diablo Symphony Orchestra is set to enchant its audience with an upcoming concert that boasts a performance by the esteemed pianist Randall Benway, who will be showcasing Beethoven’s exquisite Fourth Piano Concerto. This musical event will also feature Jean Sibelius’s captivating orchestral tone poem “Finlandia” and Symphony No. 1.

Randall Benway, a former Lafayette resident, is a pianist of exceptional talent who has left a lasting impression both locally and on international stages. His musical journey has taken him across the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is widely recognized for his role as an assistant director and accompanist of the Blackhawk Chorus for over 12 years. Benway’s move to Olympia, Wash., did not diminish his musical connections with Danville; instead, he continued to collaborate with Danville musicians and became a highly sought-after teacher, coach, and accompanist. Moreover, he has been actively involved with various groups, supporting the Blackhawk Chorus Education Fund, which has contributed significantly to music programs in Danville schools.

Helen Duncan, Vice President of the Diablo Symphony Association, expressed the anticipation surrounding Randall Benway’s return to the Danville area, emphasizing the deep and longstanding musical ties he shares with the community. Danville residents who have enjoyed his performances or have been part of musical associations with him will undoubtedly welcome his return with enthusiasm.

The Diablo Symphony Orchestra, in its 61st season, will showcase a lineup of exceptional talent, including Mads Tolling on the violin, Greg Brown with the saxophone, Susan Strauss as the storyteller, and WomenSing, a choir based in Lafayette.

The concert program promises an immersive musical experience, with a piano solo opening the concerto, a solitary clarinet and timpani passage introducing the symphony, and the hymn-like melody of “Finlandia” characterizing the performance. The program will feature innovative compositions, compelling rhythms, and melodious masterpieces that offer both joy and contemplation, showcasing a diverse range of textures, melodies, and rhythms.

The Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, renowned for its superb acoustics and stage design optimized for classical music, will host the concert. The venue’s rich history of hosting symphonic performances ensures that the audience will experience classical music at its finest. Many of the soloists and orchestra members have ties to the Danville and San Ramon communities, providing a unique opportunity for local residents to witness their fellow community members performing in a theater setting.

Duncan described the concert as “joyful and inspirational,” featuring music that is innovative, compelling, and beautiful. The event will also offer a chance to appreciate the works of two symphonic masters in a setting designed to maximize the enjoyment and impact of their compositions.

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