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Ardee’s “Uke & Rollers” Serenade on Play Music on the Porch Day

by Madonna

Ardee, Ireland – On Saturday, August 26th, members of the Ardee ukulele ensemble known as “Uke & Rollers” strummed their way into the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide as they participated in the annual Play Music on the Porch Day.

This dedicated group congregates every Monday evening at 7 pm in the welcoming embrace of Boylans pub, Ardee, where they harmonize their melodies and refine their musical finesse. Their unwavering commitment to spreading musical joy found its global expression during the Play Music on the Porch Day event.

While their resonant ukulele tunes brought smiles to faces far and wide on that memorable day, “Uke & Rollers” enthusiasts need not wait long for their next captivating performance. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 22nd, as they prepare to serenade audiences at the Ardee Library for Culture Night, promising a night to remember.

Aspiring musicians and ukulele aficionados in Ardee have an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of strumming and melody-making. Beginner ukulele lessons will commence on Wednesday, September 6th, at the Parish Centre from 7 pm to 8 pm. It’s a chance for newcomers to nurture their musical talents and join the “Uke & Rollers” in creating melodious moments that resonate through the charming town of Ardee.

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