Unearthed Backstage Footage of AC/DC in 1983: A Glimpse into Rock Royalty

by Madonna

In a delightful glimpse into rock history, rare backstage footage of the legendary band AC/DC during their 1983 Flick Of The Switch tour has surfaced, igniting a wave of excitement among fans. This minute-and-a-half video offers an intimate peek into the moments leading up to their electrifying performance, where Angus and Malcolm Young, guitarists extraordinaire, play the opening notes of the iconic Back In Black anthem, “Hell’s Bells.”

The origins of this intriguing clip remain shrouded in mystery. It was shared on the YouTube channel of Scott Young (presumably unrelated), housing a treasure trove of AC/DC content spanning back to 2016. While precise details about the video are scarce, its filming year is established. It’s conceivable that the footage hails from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on either November 17 or 18, dates when the band’s shows were captured for broadcast on MTV.


Within this brief snippet lies a historical testament. Drummer Simon Wright can be seen casually enjoying a beer, only months after taking up the mantle as Phil Rudd’s replacement. The charismatic Brian Johnson, frontman extraordinaire, effortlessly balances a beer and an enigmatic glass of perhaps rosé. Bassist Cliff Williams flexes his musical muscles with a Steinberger headless bass, a momentary trend of the era. Amidst it all, a cloud of cigarette smoke swirls.


The heart of the footage resides with the Young brothers. Their camaraderie and chemistry shine as they ease into a relaxed blues groove before launching into the iconic “Hell’s Bells” intro. As the notes resound, an unexpected connection surfaces – the intro eerily mirrors Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” when played in hushed tones. This harmonious revelation adds another layer of depth to the already iconic piece, showing the threads that connect musical legends across genres and eras.


This unearthing is more than just a peek behind the curtain; it’s a portal to a moment frozen in time. The footage captures the essence of AC/DC – their casual camaraderie, their love for music, and the enigmatic aura that envelops them. In an era where history and music entwine, this discovery offers fans a bridge between past and present, as AC/DC’s indelible impact continues to resonate with each chord struck and each note played.


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